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China Uncovered: What You Need to Know to Do Business in China

China Uncovered: What You Need to Know to Do Business in China by Jonathon Story is one of the newest China business books available. It's also one of the more detailed, complete and serious books on the topic. Realizing that any book describing how to set up operations in China would be out of date before it reached bookstores, author Story instead sets out to show us how to think about China. Read More »
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China Ranks Third in GDP, Soon to Surpass Japan

Revised numbers for China's gross domestic product (GDP) released by the National Bureau of Statistics indicate that China ranks third in GDP, slightly behind Japan. The United States is the country with the largest GDP. China's 2009 GDP was about USD$4.985 trillion, just behind Japan’s 2009 GDP of about USD$5. Read More »
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New Networking Event for Shanghai Business and Tech

This Wednesday, June 30, Connected Shanghai will hold its first networking event. The event will bring together people from Shanghai's business and technology communities. Connected Shanghai is a Linkedin group. Linkedin is the world's largest professional networking site with over 70 million users. Read More »
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How Chinese View Contracts (Video)

Does Chinese business revolve around contracts? Do Chinese think contracts are a commitment? According to Chinese business trainer/consultant Greg Bissky, the answers are no and no. "Chinese see contracts as a picture of what they hope happens, a place to start," says Bissky. "Chinese gladly sign contracts for many reasons, two are that we insist and a contract signing is a great reason for a big meal at company expense. Read More »
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China Business: Where Do I Start?

Maybe your company, like many, is eyeing potential business in China. But you have zero China experience. It's all new to you. Where do you start? Here are a few suggestions. 1) Take a trip to China. If you've never been to China, you'll have to take a trip. There is simply no other way to get a real sense of what China is and how it functions. Read More »
Categories: Doing Business

Report from Barcamp Shanghai

Last Saturday I attended the return of Barcamp Shanghai, an event co-sponsored by Dragon Business Network. Held at the funky Net Circle office in the Creative Center Lofts, Barcamp was a great opportunity to meet entrepreneurs and people working in the Internet space. I liked the Barcamp format and found it effective for networking. Read More »
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Chinese Business Etiquette Instructional Video

This brief, three-minute video touches on a number of Chinese business etiquette topics for men and women. It includes a realistic example of a typical business meeting in China. Note that this video is provided by YouTube. Since YouTube is blocked in China, you may not be able to access it if you are located in China. Read More »
Categories: Culture, Doing Business, Videos

China Expert Reveals Hard Truths about Chinese Culture and Business

Every now and then an article about Chinese business comes along so packed with insight that it can save you hours of stress and aggravation, and maybe even piles of cash. "Chinese Culture for the Frustrated Foreign Buyer" by David Dayton at Silk Road International is such an article. Here's a taste: On honesty: "go in knowing that 'dishonest is part of their business model'"  On guilt: "Things are not done for our western 'right reasons' but rather for convenience, opportunity, necessity, duty, honor, pride, face, etc. Read More »
Categories: Culture, Doing Business

60 Biggest Cities in China

Everyone knows that China has a population of well over 1 billion people. But did you know that China has 60 cities with an urban population over 1,000,000? Here's a graphic from the new Chinfographics site that ranks China's 60 biggest cities. Read More »
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